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The Move Begins............

The Hub Bazaar/The Red Bicycle is moving just around the corner to 507 Victoria Ave E. from our current location at 111 May St S. this October. We are very pleased to be able to add to the Hub Bazaar vendors who wish to rent a table for a day or a week or a month, Corporate Holiday Events that allow participants to experience a new way to celebrate with their co-workers by adding a shopping component to the mix. Yes, you can eat, drink, dance and shop at this venue.

We have over 5000 sq. ft of space that is being filled with the most amazing artisans and entrepreneurs because of the reasonable rental rates, a visually exciting arena, great opportunities for networking and community building. There is also space within the building for expansion in the future.

My favourite part of opening a business is the implementation of a concept. I love seeing the ideas become reality, the hard labour manifest the vision. The coming together of entrepreneurs to add their own flavour and enthusiasm to the project. The satisfaction of adding a positive asset to our community of Thunder Bay.

The revitalization of downtown Fort William is happening. Everyday a new business is arriving to join the anchor businesses that have remained in the area through some very hard times. My hats off to them for staying and holding up a long tradition of doing great business in downtown FW.

I am posting some before pics and will continue the blog to the best of my ability

( it will get quite manic at some point before re-opening October 15) to share the journey of the transformation of the bazaar.

Cheers, Lori


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