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Pop Up Space

  • THB offers a concept space where business ideas can take form


Low Risk & Low Cost

  • A pop up space can help reduce the costs of launching and operating a start up

  • The cost includes everything—from the internet access to the advice

  • Renting a storefront and paying utilities can be the biggest expenses for any business


Framework to focus on core-business

  • This infrastructure enables startups to focus on what matters most—their core business

  • Startups can then focus their time and energy on testing, evolving and developing new business skills


PR & Marketing Help

  • Being a part of a hub of entrepreneurs helps new startups gain traction

  • THB actively promotes its vendors and businesses

  • We offer expert PR and marketing advice for their brands

Being with other retail businesses

  • Gives them the advantage of being integrated into the cluster of businesses

  • They are part of support system where you can learn from each other


Support from mentors with street cred

  • We have the ability to bring in mentors who have been successful entrepreneurs, so participants get advice in business basics, marketing, accounting, presentation skills, etc.


Access to workshops

  •  THB holds seminars aimed at helping entrepreneurs.


Businesses who use incubators are more likely to succeed

  • Startups have been groomed in a real business environment

  • Data shows that the five year survival rate for incubator clients is higher

  • Lower risk for funding institutions

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“An incubator is like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels.”
Charlie Baecker
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